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Alfa Laval - Air coolers

       Alfa Laval air coolers come in a variety of designs suitable for any refrigerant system and virtually any application. Alfa Laval offers commercial and industrial product lines covering both general purpose coolers and dedicated cooler ranges for specific applications such as agricultural storage, fruit ripening, data centre cooling and blast freezing.
We supply both standardized as well as fully customized air coolers.

Related industries

1. Commercial refrigeration
     Alfa Laval’s wide range of heat exchangers is found in numerous residential and commercial climate applications – including air conditioning (chillers), tap-water heating (boiler/solar), heat pumps and transport refrigeration.

2. HVAC cooling
    Planning a cooling system can be a complex task, considering the many factors involved in a successful solution.
    Alfa Laval supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality heat exchangers and components for cooling applications, and applies knowledge and experience gained from numerous completed projects around the world.

3. Industrial refrigeration
    From freezing and cold storage cooling in industrial premises to refrigeration of ice rinks, Alfa Laval has the latest, energy efficient solutions.
    For the food industry we offer highly efficient air coolers that can be combined with plate heat exchangers.
    Applications range from cooling in slaughter houses and fish and meat processing areas, to climate control in storage rooms for fresh food.

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