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Pre - cleaner drum SEMC

   - Continuous operation without shocks.
   - Operation without dust emission by low pressure suction.
   - Cleaning of high grade wastes by good product passing through the mesh of rotary drum.
   - Progressive mesh drilling.
   - Interchangeable and easily dismountable sieves.

   - Good product discharge hopper
   - Large wastes receiving hopper

The SEMC pre-cleaner drum is dedicated to pre-cleaning of any dry material (safety at product reception).
Located downstream a unit, it removes any forein material from cereals or flours.
From barleys and winter barley, it removes most of silks and extracts small rootlets from dry malt. Many times for high capacities receptions, its action is sufficient to ensure a good preservation of the storage before going to the separator cleaner.

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   Pre - cleaner brum SEMC

Pre - cleaner drum SEMB
This equipment provides a high capacity pre-cleaning at bulk product reception before storage for all powdery products, cereals, etc...
It is essential in the corn drying storage installations to remove most of cobs, leaves, stems, stones, etc…
It reduces the number of dryers cleaning operations and limits significantly the clogging.
Installed downstream of a cleaning line it protects the handling equipment and lower the work load on the cleaners in order to maximize their capacity.
The SEMB ensures the removal of very small particles (dust in cereals) and undesirable large sized foreign materials.

   - Continuous operation without shocks.
   - Inlet with dispatcher and pre-suction at upper part
   - Size of sieve mesh according to use
   - Feeding shovel with adjustable slope.
   - Suction channel catching the fine wastes.
   - Expansion chamber collecting the light wastes
   - Screw equipped with a check valve at the end

   - Good product discharge hopper
   - Large wastes receiving hopper in two parts according to type
   - Reclaiming hopper of light wastes beneath the flap box
   - Suction nozzle
   - Possible damping bend at the inlet of the product to be treated
   - Anti-filling sensor with probe
   - Built-in pads filter

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  Pre - cleaner brum SEMB

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