Micro fluid system (MFS)

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Micro fluid system (MFS)

ANDRITZ offers the Micro Fluid System (MFS) for adding enzymes, vitamins, fats, and oils to the feed pellets after the drying/cooling process. The system ensures precise and accurate fluid distribution.

Addition of micro-ingredients with the micro fluid system
The micro fluid system is a post pellet liquid application and is designed for continuous spraying of micro - and macro fluids, such as enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, aromatics, fats, and oil onto animal feed pellets or granulates after the drying/cooling process.

Benefits of adding micro ingredients after pelleting:
   - More flexibility in the feed pelleting line
   - Increased capacity as multiple feed variants can be produced without restarting the process
   - Post-pellet application of heat-sensitive micro-ingredients is more cost-saving compared to liquid application before pelleting (pre-heat treatment)

Advantages of the ANDRITZ micro fluid system
   - High fluid dosing accuracy even at low flow rates
   - Precise fluid distribution
   - Operation flexibility
   - Compact design making it easy to install in all facilities
   - Hygienic design and easy access for cleaning
   - Computerized control system providing documentation and diagnostics

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Micro-fluid system

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